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Won best api implementation from Cocos and Celer 😎
Thanks to Binance for sponsoring

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If you are good at something, don't do it for free - The Joker
Humans are good at object detection. Google is using our solutions in captcha to train their model for image processing in Autonomous driving. That's evil.
Metamask authentication is easy, fast and more reliable. The only thing is users need to install a 3rd party tool.
We should atleast be given an alternate to Goolge Captcha. At least a Microsoft captcha at the worst.


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Blockchain alone is Intranet.

Blockchain + Crypto is Internet.

Blockchain is good and crypto is bad is a half truth spread by dominant corporates to prevent startups growth.

Source : has now been integrated with Torus login. So metamask is not required.

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